Top 10 Interior Design & Decorating Trend Predictions for 2024

Top 10 Interior Design & Decorating Trend Predictions for 2024 and How to Make Them Work with Your Current Home Décor.



Cozy Quiet Luxury French Country Living Room – At Home With Kristy


Interior Design & Decorating Trends…Love, Loathe, or Somewhere In-Between?


 Interior Design & Decorating Trends…Whether you love them or loathe them or fall somewhere in-between on how you feel about annual trends, there’s something about them that just begs for our attention. I think it’s safe to say that we can expect to continue seeing these trend forecasts for the unforeseeable future.

Some may think annual interior design and decorating trends are used as a marketing ploy by major industries and their brand partners. To some extent, there is some truth to that. However, there are other factors that go into the development of new design and color trends as well.

For starters, there’s a captivating interplay between how historical events (past and present) and color psychology shape interior design and decorating trends. That’s a long and drawn-out story for another day. But the summary of this is that each era has had its own unique design style and color palette that was influenced by the political, cultural, and artistic movements of its time. More on this topic in the near future!

The other driving force behind annual interior design and decorating trends are consumer-driven. With information technology just fingertips away, major industries, brands, and social media platforms are able to track consumer interests easier and faster than ever before, thus, allowing them to predict what is relevant for the here and now. Then, over the next year, they study these trends to see which ones were micro trends, mainstream trends, macro trends, or mega trends. Which in turn, helps them to develop/predict upcoming trends. More on this in a future blog post.




Designing Women Tell All – Interior Design & Decorating Trends for 2024


Designing Women Tell All is back in full force for the new year and we’re starting it off with the top interior design and decorating trends for 2024.

In case this is your first visit, DWTA is a monthly series where we choose interior design and decorating subject matter to discuss. We share our knowledge along with our tips, trick, successes and failures on everything home and garden design. It’s informative, light-hearted and fun, so you’ll definitely want to follow along!

Mine and Crystal’s design styles are a little different, but we share a common passion for all things home and garden design, as well as a passion for sharing our knowledge and expertise. I hope you’ll follow along! Hint, hint…sign up form is to your right in side bar or in the top right corner!


Let me preface this by saying that I have always had mixed emotions regarding annual interior design and decorating trends. I am all in favor of keeping one’s home interior spaces feeling fresh and updated, but I despise the concept that one needs to change their decor annually to  “BE ON TREND”.

With that said, let’s get into it!



Quiet Cozy Luxury – French Country Living Room – Built In Custom Cabinetry with Arch and Fluted Trim Details – At Home With Kristy



My Professional Opinion On Interior Design & Decorating Trends


In my professional opinion, the interior design and decorating trends for 2024 and beyond will increasingly become more about personal expression – adopting and blending design styles that personally resonate with YOU – rather than adhering to one true design style or trying to replicating the homes of popular home décor celebrities and influencers.

The advent of social media and the meteoric rise of popular home decorating television shows, interior design personalities establishing their own home décor brands, and personal home decorator influencers in the last few years has been a mixed blessing.

On one hand, these have made interior design and decorating feel more approachable and accessible for the masses. And many home decorators learned their decorating skills from one or all the above. On the other hand, however, the constant change of micro and mainstream trends, as well as, the trend where many were decorating in the same design genre (hello Farmhouse), has left everyone with design trend fatigue. And let’s not even get started on the conflict of trending design styles information put out on any given year.

It’s all just plain exhausting! And it’s so nice and welcoming to learn that everyone wants to get back to what really appeals to them and fits with their lifestyle!




Cozy Quiet Luxury – French Country Living Room and Kitchen – At Home With Kristy



Your personal interior design and decorating style shouldn’t be a copying cat version of the latest interior design trends or popular home decor influencers’ home. It’s okay to gather inspiration from as many sources as necessary to help define your style. We all do it from time to time…even professional interior designers!
The important factor is to discover what your true design style is and having the confidence to put your own unique spin on it. I can 100% guarantee mistakes will happen along the way, and that’s okay! Anything is fixable…for the most part! If it’s too overwhelming to do on your own, hire a professional interior designer. The money you spend with them will be well worth it!



Cozy Quiet Luxury – French Country Entry Cabinet With Raised Panel Doors & Fluted Trim End Column Details- At Home With Kristy


Interior Design & Decorating Trends Predictions for 2024

Listed below are the interior design style and decorating trends I anticipate gaining momentum this year. What’s interesting is that most of these are things I’ve been doing for years, both in my personal home and clients’ homes.

(1) Personal-Driven Design Aesthetic – the personal-driven design aesthetic is about spaces that reflect your personal style. Collections are often out on display to put further emphasis on personalization. These collections can be books, records, photographs, and more.

How to Add Personal-Driven Style To Your Spaces: To show off your collection of photographs and more, hang art wall shelving in lieu of the typical gallery wall display. This allows for maximum flexibility for an ever-changing display. Start an artwork collection. Artwork doesn’t have to be expensive to be loved. It just needs to speak to your soul.


(2) Cozy Quiet Luxury – Also known as “old money” style, cozy quiet luxury has a relaxed understated elegant feel with timeless appeal. This aesthetic prioritizes calming spaces with a sense of sophistication without being ostentatious all while appearing as though it took minimal effort to create. Furnishings tend to be of higher quality and color palettes tend to be softer, muted colors.

How to Add Cozy Quiet Luxury To Your Spaces: Add the best quality upholstery pieces that fit your budget. Look for items that have timeless appeal and can be used throughout your home. Use feather down pillow inserts for that lush look and feel.


(3) Romanticism – This aesthetic is decidedly feminine with a touch of nostalgia and whimsy. Traditional and vintage style furnishings with soft curves. A light neutral color palette with touches of soft pinks, greens, yellows, and blues sets the stage, while floral prints and lace are used as accents for pillows and window treatments.  Window treatments can be simple or more complex.

How to Add Romantic Touches to Your Spaces: Add vintage pieces made of iron with soft, curved feminine curves or floral pillows, floral wallpaper, or maybe a touch of lace.


(4) Classic Preppy Meets Western  – Think Ralph Lauren preppy mixed with sophisticated southwest. Leather tufted sofa, menswear inspired prints and patterns (plaid, houndstooth, herringbone), all in rich colors of cognac, deep reds, sapphire blues, emerald greens. This is a layered, maximalist look with lots of pattern play in a very chic and sophisticated way.

How To Add Classic Preppy Meets Western To Your Spaces: The easiest and least expensive way to add this look to your interior spaces is with pillows in a mix of patterns I mentioned above. Area rugs with either a southwest pattern or traditional pattern in deep colors of red and blue will also deliver immediate impact in spaces.


(5) Ceiling Details – ceilings are often referred to as the 5th wall, but unfortunately they don’t always get equal love and attention. Some of the details we can expect to see on ceilings this year is wallpaper, paneling, coffered details, medallions, beadboard and wooden beams.


(6) Arch and Fluted Cabinetry Details – Arched details for doorways and cabinetry pieces will increase in popularity. Painted arch details are out! Fluted details on cabinetry, furniture pieces, and wall details will increase.

(7) Spa-Like Bathrooms

(8) Mixed Metals

(9) Limewashed Walls 

(10) Ceramic and Terracotta Flooring 



Cozy Quiet Luxury – Ralph Lauren Inspired Bedroom – At Home With Kristy



Meet The Designing Women




Crystal of Sweet Valley Acres is a northern girl, living in Canada. She’s been an artist and dreamer since birth, and loves creating beautiful spaces in her home and garden for her family and friends to enjoy. She also loves pushing her builder husband, Bentley, to his very limits when it comes to building and renovating. After 33 years of marriage and taking on 11 homes that were the worst house on the block and turning them into show stoppers along with three new builds later, Crystal has a wealth of knowledge and experience. In addition, she has won many awards for garden design and used to own a home and garden decor store for many years. This month, Crystal is the best 2024 home design trends to inspire you.



Two Story Living Room – Crystal with Sweet Valley Acres


And Yours Truly!

This month, I’m sharing how the Top 10 Interior Design & Decorating Trends for 2024.

Just in case you’re new here…I’ve been an interior designer for decades…three and a half decades to be exact. During this time, I have designed countless luxury model homes and private residences, and loved it all!

I’ve recently semi-retired and started a new chapter in life…BLOGGING! I’m excited to be sharing my 35 years of interior design knowledge and expertise with you, and hope that you will enjoy what I share too! If you would like to know more about me, my credentials, and a few fun facts about me, you can find that here.

Please drop me a comment and let me know what you would be interested in learning more about.

By the way, you can also find me on Instagram at @athomewithkristy and on Pinterest.


Thanks so much for stopping by today!

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  1. Looks like we were finding many similar trends. I agree with you whole heartedly not to chase trends and to find your own style in your own home and really throughout life. So fun to be on this journey with you!

    • Great minds think alike, lol! I’m so happy to hear you believe in finding your own style too! It’s always a fun journey with you, my friend!


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