One Room Challenge Spring 2020 – Week 3 & Week 4: Operation Outdoor Oasis Refresh – Space Prep & Truman Approved

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Hello Friends,

I’m so happy you’ve stopped by! In case you’ve been following along with my One Room Challenge Spring 2020 weekly progress, this week I’ll be sharing Week 3 and Week 4 together because…well, sometimes things come up (ahem, client projects) that need attention.

Thankfully, once I was able to resume with our Operation Outdoor Oasis Refresh, I was able to knock out most of my weekly to-do list for both weeks within a few days. I wasn’t able to complete three items on the list – determining the outdoor dining tablescape design; resource list; and finalizing patio plant selections – but I do plan on taking of those next week, Week 5.

Are You New to My Site?

In case you’re new to my site, here’s links to Week 1 and Week 2, where I shared before photos, need for the update, my design concept, and more.

New Outdoor Area Rug is Truman Approved!


Items are beginning to trickle in and one of the items I received this week is our new outdoor area rug. I’m loving the beautiful, vibrant turquoise/teal color. And apparently, Truman loves it too because he’s been laying on it every time he goes outside!

The Game Plan/Weekly Checklist

Week 1: Announce ORC Spring 2020 Participation /Share My Why Story /Share Before Photos

Week 2: Finalize Design Concept /Create Game Plan-Weekly Checklist /Create Proposed Budget Breakdown Wish List/Start Purchasing Items /Start Thinking About Plants for Pool Flower Bed and Patio Area

Week 3: Determine Outdoor Dining Tablescape Design/Finish Purchasing Items/Check Status of Online Purchases/Plant Flowers by Pool/Share Resource List

Week 4: Power Wash Patio & Outdoor Furniture/Finalize Patio Plant Choices/Schedule Photographer/Begin Receiving Online Purchases

Week 5: Finalize Patio Plant Selections/Plant Patio Trees, Flowers, & Plants/Waterproof Indoor Pillows I Plan To Use Outside/Determine Outdoor Dining Tablescape Design/Share Resource List/Continue to Receive Purchased Items

Week 6: Make Any Last Minute Purchases/Place Items Per Space/Compare Proposed Budget Breakdown with Final Budget Numbers/Confirm Photo Shoot Date & Time With Photographer

Week 7: Photo Shoot Mid Week/Breathe, Relax, and Pat Self On Back for Job Well Done!

Week 8: One Room Challenge Spring 2020 Guest Participant Room Reveal – Thursday, June 25th

ORC Spring 2020 Links

Learn all about the ORC. Featured Designers – Week 3 / Week 4. Guest Participants – Week 3 / Week 4

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18 Responses to One Room Challenge Spring 2020 – Week 3 & Week 4: Operation Outdoor Oasis Refresh – Space Prep & Truman Approved

    • Thank you so much, Jenna! I’m so happy to finally be giving our outdoor spaces the desperately needed (and deserved) TLC and COLOR! It’s so fun watching the space come alive! BTW, I’m loving watching your ORC room transformation too!

    • Haha! Truman does have a way of photo-bombing me at every turn. Somehow, he just always knows how to sneak in there! He’s actually the perfect model when he sits/lays still! Thanks so much for following along!

    • Thanks so much, Alison! I love their bright, happy colors too! I’m thinking this will be my new happy place!

    • Thanks a bunch, Doreen! Truman is such a great dog…except for that time when he ate the outdoor cushions when he was a puppy!

  1. Truman positively pops against the blue of that rug, Kristy! Great photo! I look forward to seeing what happens next week!

    • Thanks Leslie! Truman does make a great model, and often stills the spotlight…whether it’s a planned photo or him photo bombing me!

    • Thank you so much, Lisa! Things are coming together now that things are trickling in more. And I’m sure Truman will be taking center stage in many more photos!

  2. Truman is the ultimate accessory! So cute! Love the rug choice and looking forward to the next update! Shopping online is a little nerve wracking, isn’t it? You’re never sure quite what things will look like IRL! So far, I’ve been very lucky that everything is spot on color-wise!

    • Thanks Janet! Truman does make quite the model. I actually think he secretly loves having his photo taken because he has this uncanny ability to photo bomb me every single time I’m photographing something! As far as online shopping, yes it can be quite tricky sometimes, and our new outdoor rug is the perfect example. Online the rug looked to be a softer teal color, but in real life, it’s definitely more turquoise and brighter than expected. Thankfully, I love it! And doubly thankful that it works with other selections quite well too! So happy to hear your online shopping experiences have worked out for you too!

    • Thank you so much, Sheri! I’m loving the improvements that I’m making so that we can enjoy these spaces more. I do have some more grand plans for this space and hoping we can do those within the next year…fingers crossed!

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